Fit Friday Leg Day

Building lower body power for Summer hiking, biking, and paddling ! We have been working hard on perfecting Cindy’s  form. Get a new workout and sign up for Summer PowerFit! 20160527_084239


Morning clients killed it! I’m so proud of their progress, dedication, and buckets of awesomeness! #mammothtrainer #sweat #bodybuilding #teamfabulous #fitfam #preworkout #postworkout #aminos #FridayFitandFunnyIMG_20160527_073859




First thing in the morning or last thing at night, just do it ! Forming the habit can be tough at first. Get through the 90 day “sacrifice period” with a trainer or small group training as you need accountability. When you come out on the other side you will have stronger mind muscles and an increased ability to get to the gym.  Eventually your normal will change and it will become extremely abnormal for you NOT to make your workouts. When canceling or skipping a workout is no longer your normal, you have made it! It’s now a lifestyle and well worth the sacrifice!!! #fitlife #MammothTrainer #lift

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